How do the various deductibles in the program apply?

Generally, member deductibles in the TNRMT program can be categorized as either first party or third party. An example of a first party deductible is the collision deductible.  Once we agree on the damages to a member vehicle, we reduce the claim by the amount of the deductible and send a check to the member for the remainder.  The property deductible applies in exactly the same way.  A third party deductible comes in to play in a liability scenario, most often in Errors and Omission and Law Enforcement Liability claims.  In this scenario, the member is billed for the deductible once it is paid on the claim.  Expenses, such as defense attorney legal fees, do accrue to the deductible, and the member is billed once TNRMT incurs costs that meet or exceed the deductible by making a settlement with the injured party or paying reasonable expenses to defend the claim.