Chris Stites



Chris came to SEC in 2006 after a career in industrial management when he learned about the opportunity from his college roommate.  Chris has a reputation for being an exceptional trainer when it comes to improving people’s understanding and perception of safety and how it can benefit them. Chris spends most of his time out visiting with our clients, determining where the risks in their organization lie and helping them to mitigate those risks.

Chris is Six Sigma-certified, a member of American Society of Safety Engineers, and a member of the National Safety Council.

“I am most passionate about getting things done others couldn’t,” says Chris. “I enjoy it when the people I work understand that I want to help them and that they can call me a friend.”

When he’s not out on the road or in the office, Chris enjoys working with his hands, whether it be automotive body work or just general fix-it projects. People are always amazed at his ability to troubleshoot something and make it work when it’s not working. That analytical ability suits him well in his role as a safety engineer.

Originally from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Chris made his way to the Nashville area because he saw bigger opportunities than in his smaller hometown. Chris loves children because he considers himself a kid at heart. He wants to be known as a good follower of Christ, a great dad and a great friend who always wants to help others in any way he can.

Chris Stites
Safety Engineer
p: 615.826.4274
f: 615.826.6378