Mark Bilyeu



Mark came to SEC after he heard about the company from friends who worked here. They thought Mark would be a good fit at SEC because he’s such an outgoing guy and loves to interact with others. And that’s exactly what Mark does for us. As a safety engineer, his job is to consult with our customers and determine where they can reduce risk. One day, that might mean examining and school’s bullying policy.  The next day, it might be determining the right size for a playground to avoid injury. He’s been doing risk management consulting since 2006.

“I really enjoy creating and building trusting relationships with people,” says Mark. “That’s what this business is about: trust in the people you surround yourself with. Sure, the product is important, but day in and day out, we’re really selling our credibility, our trust that we do what we say we will do, that we’re honest and forthcoming and that we’re a pleasure to be around. If we’re not having fun doing what we do here, then what’s the point? I like to think I do that to the best of my ability and our clients see that.”

Mark’s faith in Christ is most important to him and he enjoys being outside enjoying the great outdoors, as well as studying theology. When he’s not working, you can find Mark hunting and gardening with family and friends. He has a passion for giving through his church, the Nashville Rescue Mission and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Mark is originally from Kentucky, but moved to the Nashville area for new opportunities. He’s glad he found SEC, and we’re glad we found Mark.

Mark Bilyeu
Safety Engineer
p: 615.826.4274
f: 615.826.6378