Jennifer Hall




Jennifer joined the SEC team in 2013 after an accomplished career in the healthcare field that has spanned over 30 years, where she has worked in doctor’s offices, hospitals and insurance companies, making her an ideal fit for assisting SEC’s workers’ comp medical patients and the healthcare providers who are treating them.

Well known for her ability to communicate well with all stakeholders, customers and teammates, Jennifer knows the importance of connecting with people on a personal level because they have real lives, unique needs and specific concerns regarding their reasons for interaction with her. Her three decades of healthcare experience gives her unique insight into the mindset of those faced with medical claims and can work with them to ensure they are understood and are taken care of.

“I think if the claimant can know that we are there to make sure they are understood and valued, then I have done my job,” said Jennifer. “I’ve been on the other end of customer/business encounters and I know the difference between someone who sees me just as a menial transaction and someone who sees me as a human being. I want everyone I work with to feel respected and know that I take the trust they have placed in me very seriously.”

A native of the Nashville area, Jennifer is a proud mom to her son, Elliott. She enjoys hiking with her black lab, Jack and enjoys spending the weekend with all her boys, including her husband Mark, Elliott and Jack. Jennifer enjoys painting occasionally, but her modesty compels her to rank her skills in the amateur category. She hopes to be remembered as a kind person who is devoted to her family and treats others with respect and understanding.

Jennifer Hall
Claims Representative
p: 615.826.4274
f: 615.826.6378